Getting Here

Western Air has recently changed there flights to the below schedule!  They also have a new website which will allow you to book online soon! In the interim ask us how we can help with flight arrangements to Congo Town.



8:00AM 8:20AM DAILY,

3:30PM 3:50PM DAILY



7:35AM 8:00AM DAILY

5:35PM 6:00PM DAILY

Getting to South Andros is Easy.

Located in South Andros, Emerald Palms is a 15-minute flight from Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas. There are a number of commercial airlines with daily flights into Congo Town International Airport. You may also charter a private plane. Be sure to check flight schedules, prices and travel days as changes do occur. Private planes welcome.

From the US

Use a private charter service to fly directly to South Andros Island. This 60-minute journey takes you across the Gulf Stream and over the brilliant azure waters of the Bahamas.

Watermakers Air is an on-demand, FAA Part 135 Air Charter operator. Their planes are available for charter anywhere within a 500 mile radius of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We also recommend checking out Monarch Air Group who are available for charter from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport into Congo Town.

From the Bahamas

You can also fly commercially into Congo Town, South Andros Island.  Western Air flies twice daily from Nassau to Congo Town.

Western Air departs Nassau at 7:00am and 5:00pm daily, and returns from Congo Town at 7:30am and 5:35pm.

Information for Private Pilots

Private pilots can land at the Congo Town Airport which is 5,000 paved feet. The airport operates all times under visual flight rules.

Customs is available from 7am – 4pm. Please contact Customs at 242-369-2640 to confirm availability.

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