About South Andros Island

You’ve selected the perfect Bahamian out island for your tropical vacation getaway. Andros island, far away from it all, yet close enough to it.

small_hammockAt just 125 miles from the east-southeast of Florida and mere 15 minute plane ride from Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, Andros is moons away from the noise, traffic and crowds of the city. Upon arrival you will notice an immediate difference in your being. Fresher air, a more relaxed sensation. Exhale. Ahhhh…. island life

At 104 miles long and 40 miles wide (approximately 2,300 square miles), Andros is the largest Bahamian island and fifth largest Caribbean island. With a population of just over 8,000, the island also boasts the world’s third largest barrier reef which extends 140 miles.

Avowed by anglers as the bonefish capital of the world and referred to locally as the ‘back yard’ of The Bahamas, Andros is known for its copiously diverse flora and fauna. This eco-tourist Eden offers sensational sea-life, breathtaking bluffs, fantastic foliage and towns teeming with history.

Considered some of the friendliest and welcoming islanders, Androsians have a diverse ethnic and cultural background. Folklore abounds in Andros. Residents are quick to share stories of Lusca, the Bahamian version of the Loch Ness Monster which allegedly lurks in Blue Holes waiting to drag down occupants of passing vessels while Chickcharnies, mythical half-man, half-bird gremlins are said to have red eyes, three fingers, three toes and feathers, rule the forests.

Best known perhaps for its crustacean population, Andros hosts an annual Crab Fest and pageant. Crabs can be found virtually every part of the island and are shipped seasonally to end up at fine restaurants in Nassau and Florida.

Divided into North, Central and South Andros. North Andros consists of San Andros (a favourite Blue Hole diving spot for the late Jacques Cousteau), Morgan’s Bluff (where legend has it that pirate Sir Henry Morgan hid his treasure). Also, Stafford Creek is best known for the Fofar Field Station, a facility dedicated to tropical ecology and marine biology.

In Central Andros, a town of interest is Fresh Creek that has a lighthouse and the Androsia Batik Factory, which makes vibrant Bahamian cloth considered the national cloth of the Bahamas.?

Townships in South Andros, Driggs, Hill (home to Emerald Palms), The Bluff (Andros’ highest point at 100 feet), Kemp’s Bay (home of the boat-building yard and conch shell house) and Pleasant Bay (site of the 18th century Slavery Wall).

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